The Basic Essential Cari-Cami®-The Camisole With Pockets

Cari-Cami - The Camisole with Pockets

$21.95 $29.95
The Cari-Cami® is the Stylish and Convenient Way to Invisibly and Securely Carry Your Cell Phone, Credit Cards, Passport, and Keys.  Great for Concealed Carry!!!
Everyone's favorite Cari-Cami® in super soft stretch cotton. 95% Cotton/5% Spandex
The Cari-Cami® has two exclusive patented Cari-Cami® pockets.Dependably carry all your basics wherever you go and yet still be stylish. Cari-Cami® is also a great solution for those must haves like insulin pumps, glucose monitors, inhalers, Auvi-Q and EpiPens. Our patent pending design has two pockets and can fit most cell phones.

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