The Essential Cari-Cami™-The Camisole with Pockets

Cari-Cami - The Camisole with Pockets

$21.95 $34.99

Cari-Cami's™ are available in three styles: Basic Essential (adjustable spaghetti strap), Cap-sleeve, and Medical Option/Insulin Pump. Dependably and securely carry all your basics like your cell phone, credit cards, passport, and keys wherever you go and yet still be stylish. Cari-Cami™ is also a great solution for those must haves like glucose monitors, inhalers, Auvi-Q and EpiPens. Our patent pending design has two pockets and can fit most cell phones. The Medical Option style has small button holes in each pocket to make it easy for diabetics to carry insulin pumps.

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